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Ding Repair FAQ's

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What type of Resin do I repair my board with?

Will Fiberglass cloth work with both Polyester and Epoxy resin?

Will Q-Cell filler work with both Epoxy and Polyester Resin?

Will Q-Cell filler work with both SunCure Polyester and SunCure Epoxy Resin?

What is the difference between Polyester Sanding and Laminating resin?

Does Epoxy resin require a wax solution in order to be sanded?

What Kind of Foam are Polyester Resin and Epoxy resin surfboards made with?

Does SunCure resin need a hardener to make it cure?

How do I remove resin from my hands?

Can I apply Ding All SunCure products in direct sunlight?

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What is your Refund Policy?

What is your Shipping Policy?

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