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Q-Cell Filler

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Q-Cell Filler is used when thickening Polyester and Epoxy resin to create a ” Foam White” fill paste that is easy to sand.

Q-Cell also works great with SunCure UV Resin!

  • Economical: Q-CELL provides an economical way of extending resin, and in applications where a lightweight fabrication is of primary importance.
  • Don't forget to add strength: All Q-Cell applications will need to be sealed with resin and cloth to add strength. Q-Cell is great for all surfboard, boat, and other fiberglass repairs.
  • Recipe: Q-CELL is added to resin at the rate of 5% -10% by weight dependent upon application, and up to 20% can be added if a paste consistency is required.

Available in:
* 12oz.(volume) Pack - $7.95
* Gallon (volume) Box - $25.95

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